Sometimes I am cynical about this stuff as a protective measure as I fear that I am using it as a resolution to my feelings when in reality, what you just did perfectly put them into a framework which made sense to me. To others I have the ability to sort their lives out completely but not myself! And subconsciously I know a lot of these things already but I doubt myself and rationalize it in a way that makes my perspective false. So you did an AMAZING job at re-centering me. Thank you so much. I need to trust my observer perch more.

- Anonymous

After listening to the full reading I had to disappear for a bit and even let a few tears out because it really hit me hard. I'm absolutely floored and you picked up on things that I've been going through. The jealousy, not feeling like I've accomplished enough, always living in the future. I've gotten so many readings in the past but yours is the only one that has made such a huge impact on me. You truly have a wonderful, beautiful gift and I'm in awe. All of your words resonated with me and I wanted to say thank you so much. I wish I could give you an extra tip or gift basket because I feel like I've been given this ray of hope during these horrible times for me.

- Anonymous

I decided to get two tarot readings from Gaialect because of how lost I was and now I feel way more serene than before! Her gift is incredible, she's sweet and everything she said completely resonated with me! I highly recommend her and I promise you won't regret it.

Zei (@shy_tea_latte) on twitter


Universe put @Gaialect into my life for a reason... just had one of the most incredible readings of my life. I am very grateful to have been given a safe space to be able to think talk learn speak and release with such a beautiful and open individual. Highly recommend.

Ania (@aniapaj on twitter)

I just got a reading from @Gaialect and omg this resonated so much. Honestly it was a reading that I was meant to hear and didn't know I needed. Thank you so much for your patience you're such an amazing person!

Karie (@venusinkarie on twitter)

still talking about the powerful tarot reading @gaialect gave me! her ability to receive my energy and help guide me was amazing. she's trustworthy, has an incredibly warm energy and is very flexible with her clients. 10/10 would recommend - definitely worth your money!

@dirtybug4 on twitter


Today I received my second reading from Gaia, The reason why I booked the reading was because I had some doubts about my current relationship, and she could sense the feelings that were going on inside me without me even fully realizing it. She gave me some insights to situations which gave me a different perspective. The overall feeling of the reading was so so good! Her energy is just amazing and she really made it feel like a safe space where every question could be asked. The whole experience was once again very eye opening and I would totally recommend it to anyone seeking clearance or guidance.


- Nomi

Hi Gaia!

Thank you so much for your reading! I am blown away in amazement about today’s reading. You made me realize and come to an understanding of my purpose and why I chose the career that I am currently in. I felt like the universe chose you to send me the message of going back to where I came from and I’m so thankful. With everything going on right now it was so nice to have things out in perspective for me. You were able to connect my story with the cards perfectly and clarified my uncertainties and my fears. It made me more optimistic to dive back in to the purpose of why I do what I do! You are such a blessing and you have such a wonderful gift. I would book again, no question! You also have a beautiful deck of cards and a calm and inviting spirit. Thank you again! Much love!

- Francheska Del Rey


Hi Gaia,

Thank you so much for the reading today, it brought forth a lot of much needed clarity! I even talked to my Dad about him being the King of Cups and we searched deeper into the meaning and it really resonated with both of us, like thats really him lol!! 

I feel a WEIGHT lifted off my shoulders, honestly. 

I'm definitely keeping you in mind for any times where I need further guidance and I would love to do a longer reading eventually.

Thank you again for your service and messages and clarity!

Stay safe, sending lots of love <3 :)

- Ana 

I felt drawn to Gaia’s energy and light from her YouTube videos for quite some time now, so I took a leap of faith and decided to book my first ever tarot reading with Gaia and omg! It was so easy to talk to her and she was open to working with me on anything I wanted to know. The reading was extremely accurate and she helped me better understand feelings of where I’m at and where I’m going and I couldn’t be more grateful. Such a sweet person and truly wants to help others. 10/10 recommend! @kendraevanz on Twitter 


I found Gaia randomly on YouTube (it was meant to be), loved her energy, and followed her on social media only to love her even more. She did my energy tarot readings for each of my 3 main signs in a row as if she as speaking to me on YouTube after I found her. I loved her vibe and eventually booked a one on one with her and I am so glad I did! She is super on point with amazing insight, very understanding while also being honest and straight forward when needed, and just wonderful to chat with as well. If you are looking to book with someone who just *gets it*, she is the one. 


Much love,



”I had always resonated so strongly with Gaia’s video readings, but my Life Questions session with her was one of the best personal readings I’ve received. She’s so intuitive, and her warm personality makes her the perfect guide to deliver messages that usually regard sensitive topics. I was comfortable with her instantly, and I received a lot of clarity and confirmation for a new path I’m taking after an emotionally abusive relationship. She gives you spiritual knowledge and personal experience, showing how in touch she is with life and how much she relates to our questions and concerns. I could go on and on about it! I feel so much lighter after my reading, and I look forward to the next one whenever I next need guidance.”


Hoping you get the customers you deserve!! This truly meant a lot to me to have your counsel.


♥️ Tiffany

You are such an angel and blessing to this world. You’re able to quickly and beautifully pick up on energy through the reading and through interacting with the individual receiving the reading.

Your Universal Guidance reading came at the exact time I needed it and gave me the most perfectly aligned information I was ready for at this time. I am beyond grateful for the experience and the vast knowledge you gifted me with. You helped clear my mind when it’s been nothing but am overwhelmed, confused, and scattered mess, and for that I am so grateful ️

I’m just going to already consider us friends because I love you that much already and loved the energy exchange throughout the entire reading. You are a rare gem and please never doubt it ️

With so much love and support,

- Terra Martin

the reading gaia gave me confirmed a lot of the feelings I already had regarding this situation. i got a love reading & she described aspects of my problem & traits of my partner that I had already observed using words I had used in my own processing VERBATIM. Her guidance was genuine & clearly well thought out, she made me feel comfortable and even made me laugh about a situation I’ve very stressed about. her method of showing the cards & then explaining what each one means as they pertain to this situation made the reading very easy to understand. I really believe her interpretations & her advice seems solid. i would recommend her readings to anyone that could use some unbiased guidance

 - aaliyah destinee

Today I had my third tarot reading with Gaia and I can definitely say she is the absolute best. I keep coming back to her because she is so open, honest, and friendly. She makes me feel like I’m always being heard and that she cares to help. After every reading, of course everyone has their own life journey and not everyone will have the same experience, but personally for me she always makes me feel such peace and clearness. I recommend her one hundred percent! Very grateful that she dedicates the time to help us out throughout our journey! 

- Paola R

Gaia is heaven sent. Her energy shines so bright through the phone and is the sweetest most kind woman and I felt like I was talking to a best friend. There was no awkward silence or questions that went unanswered, she is kind and inviting and thoroughly explains the process and different card meanings as she goes. I chose to do the longest reading for myself as when I booked the appointment I felt so lost in my personal journey but by the time my appointment came I was more so content and wasn’t sure what I wanted out of the reading. She did a general energy, career path and love reading and was able to communicate everything I needed to hear with me. She is so positive and made me feel so reassured in my personal journey and I’m being dead serious when I say she’ll leave a huge impact on you through this small session with her. I finished feeling loved, reassured, confident and with more insight into myself and my relationships and would recommend her to absolutely anyone who’s looking for a true and genuine connection when receiving a reading of any sort, you will not be disappointed. 

- Amanda P